A New Chapter!

Ever felt scared? I mean really scared? Today, I am feeling an overwhelming sense of being scared. Starting a new chapter of my soul’s story by launching a private practice – very scary! Ever felt that way? Failure – UGH! 

I have slowly embraced the idea of private practice as I asked myself “What if?” What if no one reaches out for an appointment? What if everyone thinks I should just stay where I am? What if I fail? Well, today I threw out the “What if I fail?” and replaced it with “What if I succeed?” After all, the calling on my life has been nipping at my heels for a long time and I truly believe that becoming a therapist is my life’s purpose. 

Navigating life’s journey while trying to explore grief and loss on my own was not a healthy approach to heal what kept me up at night. I had to do my own work in order to fully understand the therapy process. Once I found a therapist to help me explore the painful depths of life’s inevitable losses, my soul was free to feel a sense of joy rather than dread. It is said that “every good therapist has their own therapist.” I have my own therapist! 

Your Soul’s Story – my private practice – is here and ready to help give your story a voice as you tell it, heal it, and rewrite it. Your life’s experiences have become the imprint for your soul’s story. Each decision made and not made; each action taken and not taken, feelings left to simmer, wounds to the soul ignored, and grief left for another day have each written a chapter for your soul’s story. Your soul’s story is longing to be heard, healed, and rewritten. 

Exploring your grief and loss story may be hard – at first. The healing that comes from the courage to tell your soul’s story will be rewarding and even freeing. The next chapter of your soul’s story awaits! It would be my honor to listen to your grief and loss story.

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