Certified Grief Professional, Grief Educator, and End-of-Life Doula in Tennessee

Grief is a story of the heart, it changes us. I provide grief counseling and hold space for hope to those who have experienced: a death-related loss, divorce, chronic illness, lost childhood due to dysfunction in the family system, and for any significant life-changing events. Sharing our grief and loss story is the first step on the journey to repairing the pain of loss. I am passionate about helping others navigate what might feel like one of the most difficult times in their life.

Hi, I’m Pam

Life is filled with the experiences of grief, loss, endings, beginnings, and life transitions – all have been constant companions in my soul’s story. I have grieved for: my assumptions about life, the death of loved ones, lost jobs, beloved pets dying, the imagined future changed forever, loss of identity, loss of relationships, expectations not met, love given and not returned, illnesses, and the human experience of life’s disappointments.

What I have learned is that everyone’s grief and loss story is unique. No two stories are the same. Grief, loss, and significant life-changing events become a part of the tapestry of our soul’s story. Having someone bear witness to our grief and loss story opens space for the woundings of our soul to evolve, heal, and be integrated into the next chapter of our story.

The right Counseling Service For You

Let’s Start Where You Are

You have experienced a great loss. Loss can leave us feeling vulnerable and alone. I am here to help you navigate your way through grief and loss. It is possible to heal the painful woundings of your soul. When you are ready, I will be here holding space and inviting hope into your life as it has forever changed due to the loss you have experienced.

Common Questions About Counseling

Take a deep breath. I am here for you and space is being created so that you will feel safe to share your grief and loss story. In order for us to have the most time possible in our first session, please download, print, and complete the forms on the Contact page.

Come as you are. Let’s just start there. I will be asking you to share what brings you to therapy at this moment in time.

My office is in the Cypress Counseling Group building at 9025 Overlook Blvd., #200, Brentwood, TN 37037.