Two hands planting a seedling

One Thing Differently

Have you ever been in a situation where you knew something needed to be different? Something needed to change. You knew or maybe you find yourself knowing that you need to leave a relationship, start exercising, eat better, feel better, engage in self-compassion, engage in self-care, get some sleep…SOMETHING!!! You know you need to do something different so that you can experience something different. You know something must change. And yet, something holds your back.  

Maybe it is fear. Maybe it is the lack of self-confidence. Maybe the pain of changing is greater than the pain of staying the same. Maybe you are accustomed to navigating the pain so that is what you do. You just keep navigating. You keep jumping the hurdles, patching the asphalt, filling in the gaps, and building and mending bridges. And, then one day it occurs to you that you are strong enough to do just one thing differently. So, you do one thing differently and a change reaction is set in motion. One thing differently, that is all.  

Today, just for today, what is the one thing you can try to do differently? What is your heart telling you?

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